B.A's Braai Griddle

B.A's Braai Griddle
Your very own braai buddy!


Speed up cooking
Start cooking on the braai griddle while the flames are still going. It's the solution for starters while waiting to braai.
Cook Delicate Foods
Cook delicate foods like seafood, fish, vegetables and burgers that would otherwise fall through the grid.
Extend Your Braai Repertoire
Extend your braai repertoire with the ability to fry and bake on the fire.
Cook Side Dishes
Use it to cook side dishes alongside the meat on the braai grid.
BA’s Braai Griddle is a modern take on traditional cooking methods, opening up a whole new world of cooking possibilities on the braai.

It’s perfect for pizza, roosterbrood and bread, adds sizzle to steaks and wors, makes cooking fish and seafood on the braai a breeze, and is ideal for stir-fry or roasted vegetables, mushrooms and other softer foods.

Use it as a baking tray, frying pan, grill plate or even an oven – the only limit is your imagination!

From bacon ‘n egg breakfasts through to tea-time scones, BA’s Braai Griddle is the ultimate braai buddy for every meal-time!

Durable and hard-wearing, BA’s Braai Griddle is made from 5mm mild steel and has a fold-down handle for easy carrying and storage.

The cooking surface has been lightly oiled to prevent rusting.

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The Braai Griddle story
BA’s Braai Griddle was inspired by the epic journey of Ultimate Braaimaster (season 3) top five contestant Bretten-Anne (BA) Moolman.

The seed was sown when she and Team Fire Feeders partner Smiler Smith were challenged to make a pizza on the fire using an ordinary ceramic tile and a tinfoil-clad box. The tile broke and the challenge was almost lost, but an idea was born.

On her return home, BA shared her idea with her industrial designer husband Wayne Heath, who used a combination of hi-tech manufacturing and old-fashioned hand processes to bring the concept to life.

Our ancestors used clay and stone, and later steel, to cook over open fires – BA’s Braai Griddle brings these time-honoured traditions back to South Africa’s favourite meal – the braai!


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The Technical Stuff

Main Ingredient
5mm mild steel | Diameter: 330mm | Height: Handle down – 40mm; Handle up – 185mm.
Single Unit Box Contains
BA’s Braai Griddle & instruction pamphlet.
Box for Single Unit
355mm x 355mm x 45mm | Weight 3.8kg (box & griddle).
Carton holding 10 single packaged units:
375mm x 375mm x 515mm | Weight 38.8kg.